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the Old Town

The old town of Genoa, one of the largest in Europe, winds through an intricate maze of alleyways (caruggi) that open unexpectedly on small squares; The soul of the city lives here in the alleys, where smells, flavors and cultures have mingled throughout history. In this dense urban landscape, noble palaces and beautiful churches alternate with historic shops, where local specialties are still prepared according to old recipes and handmade objects are made with timeless mastery. Via Garibaldi, the “Strada Nuova” dating to the middle of the 16th century, with its beautiful palaces, boasts some of the most fascinating architectural works in the world. Opened after 1550 to bring together the main families of the city in one single environment, the road exhibits particularly majestic Renaissance buildings. Rubens was so impressed by these buildings and their modern appearance, bringing them together in a volume of drawings that served as an example for the great families of Antwerp. On July 13, 2006, the “Strade Nuove” (including Via Garibaldi, Via Cairoli and Via Balbi) were recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the “Palaces of the Rolli”.

the Old Town

Genoa Landscape

Genova and the Aquarium

Renovated by Renzo Piano in 1992, the Porto Antico di Genova (old port area) has now become a mecca for tourists who come here to enjoy an aperitif, dine or shop. At the end of the pier, which houses the Warehouses of Cotton, you can admire Genoa, its gulf and the Lanterna (the lighthouse) in all their beauty. The hills are the backdrop to this striking panorama, brightly colored by day and illuminated at night. Aquarium of Genoa is the largest aquatic biodiversity exhibition in Europe, with 71 tanks hosting over 15,000 animals of 400 species, on the inimitable background of the Gulf of Genoa. Its 27,000-square-foot space offers visitors the opportunity to travel through the seas of the world to admire dolphins, sharks, penguins, manatees and Antarctic animals. It is the only structure in Europe to show jellyfish, tropical fish, seals and much more, in environments that reproduce faithfully the natural habitats of the various species represented

the "Porto Antico"

the Aquarium

The Beauties of Nervi

Nervi Parks and Museums: palaces and villas, home to some of the city’s most important museums, embellish a natural landscape of unquestioned beauty. This close art-nature relationship has led to the creation of the Nervi museum’s pole. The Modern Art Gallery of Villa Saluzzo Serra, the Frugone Collection of Villa Grimaldi Fassio, the Luxoro Museum and the new headquarters of the Wolfsonian Museum are all to be visited along the pleasant pedestrian path that crosses Nervi. Along the way, which winds through vast public parks with exotic and Mediterranean plants, including the recently restored Villa Grimaldi’s roses, you can admire a beautiful landscape that has no equal throughout Europe.

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