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Famous village in the world

"La Piazzetta" and the Park

Portofino Park, protected since 1935, offers scenarios and landscapes among the most celebrated in the world. In a few steps you go from the fresh woods of the northern slope to the sunny Mediterranean world over the cliffs. The Park houses one of the largest concentrations of Mediterranean flora, a remarkable variety of birds and invertebrates, as well as important historical-architectural testimonies. A network of over 80 km of trails allows walks and excursions of varying length and difficulty.

Park Map

Leave your car and visit the Park on foot

Leave your car in a large car park near Chiavari Station, by train you will reach Santa Margherita Ligure. From here with a beautiful and easy walk of 5 km along the coast you reach Portofino, with a stop for a swim at the small sandy beach of Paraggi.

On the Pedestrian Path

The pedestrian path from Paraggi goes forward in a forest, characterized by a lush Mediterranean scrub. In a 20-minute walk you will reach the famous piazzetta. After visiting the marina and shopping in the elegant boutiques, we suggest that you reach the Castle Brown and the lighthouse, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view.

the Hike


in "Piazzetta"

San Fruttuoso

From Portofino, a well-marked hiking trail takes about two hours to San Fruttuoso Bay, which houses the monumental complex of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte with the famous Abbey and the sixteenth-century “Torre Doria” ( Alternatively, you can reach San Fruttuoso by boat.

San Fruttuoso

Verso Camogli

Another boat leads to Camogli by the sea with an impressive crossing in the Portofino Marine Reserve. From San Fruttuoso to Camogli, the walking path is longer and more challenging than the path connecting Portofino to San Fruttuoso. In Camogli do not miss the promenade along the seafront, with its restaurants and shops, visit to the marina and the castle, today a museum. From Camogli station you get back to train to Chiavari (about 20 minutes).
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