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Homemade jams and marmalades

The mild winter of Liguria has given us many fruits. The trees in our garden have produced oranges, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits, kumquats and lots of kiwis.

Last fall, in October and November we could still harvest the last green tomatoes. Late tomatoes, small and firm, which should be picked green, because if they are left to ripen on the plants they fail.

So nothing better than to put your hands on and prepare jams and marmalades, armed with pots, apron and fantasy. From the classic orange, lemon and mandarin marmalades to the fancy kiwi jam or the unusual green tomato jam. Do you know the difference between jam and marmalade? And the fruit compote?

Ours are prepared with a high percentage of fruit (matured on the trees and free of pesticides) and a low percentage of organic cane sugar. Come and try them all! Also combined with cheeses, they are always available in our breakfast buffet.


I have always loved citrus fruits and since I lived here, in the Riviera di Levante, I discovered that in addition to the more well-known ones like sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) there are many varieties, such as the bizzarria (Citrus bizzarria) that on the same plant can carry three different types of fruit, or pummelo, probably the oldest citrus fruit ever. Paolo Galeotti, one of Europe’s main citrus experts, explains it in this interesting article on the rediscovery of ancient citrus fruits.

These fruits should always be present in a healthy diet, as there are many beneficial properties of citrus fruits, also thanks to the presence of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamins of group B.

And if, during your holiday in Liguria, you feel like seeing a garden with beautiful citrus fruits, visit the Villa del Principe in Genoa, and you will be amazed by the size and strangest shapes of these fruits.

I’ll wait for you at Villa Paggi, book here, maybe I could manage to convince Gianluca to reveal the secrets of his jams…

See you soon, Alessandra