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Liguria secret escape: weekend in B&B and off-road tour

There are really many activities that can be practiced in Liguria, between sea and mountains, in every season.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting a group of off-road travel enthusiasts and, above all, of relying on Touring Off Road, an off-road tour agency, for a splendid guided tour on dirt roads in Levante Ligure. Accompanied by the experience and friendliness of the owner Ettore Valle, we really enjoyed the day, which took place through centuries-old woods, fascinating villages and, why not, tasting our Focaccia Ligure accompanied by a good glass of Vermentino.

From Carasco we reached Sesta Godano, then Chiusola and from here we headed towards Mount Gottero. The most exciting moments of the day were  the crossing of a stretch of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri and the visit of Montereggio, to reach which we crossed over into Tuscany. Montereggio is known as il paese dei librai (the town of booksellers) since street vendors departed from here and, loaded with books, traveled kilometers on foot to go and sell them, both in Italy and abroad. The town retains memories of those difficult times and has given a monument to the itinerant booksellers in the pretty square.

Watch this short and funny VIDEO for a little taste of our tour. Are you ready? Jump in your car and … follow us 😉

We are waiting for you at Villa Paggi bed and breakfast, which with its comfortable rooms, private parking, veranda and lots of outdoor space, is the ideal base for an off-road tour to discover the Ligurian hinterland, pampered by our hospitality and accompanied by an expert guide who knows challenging and easy dirt tracks like the back of his hand, for all vehicles and all levels of experience.

For info and reservations please write to, we will be happy to introduce you to our beautiful region.