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Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Liguria

Why choose LIGURIA for your CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR’S HOLIDAYS? Obviously, for the mild climate! Even in December we can enjoy warm sunny days to walk by the sea. But also for the Christmas atmosphere that the Italian Riviera will offer you. Chiavari, Lavagna, Sestri Levante, Rapallo, Santa Margherita, Portofino, one of the most characteristic locations in Liguria, offer many events related to the Christmas holidays. In Rapallo the traditional CHRISTMAS VILLAGE, until January 7 on the Lungomare, with the typical decorated wooden houses that rebuild an alpine village and the Castle at the Sea, the house of Santa Claus.

In Sestri Levante many events for adults and children: on December 23 Santa Claus distributes gifts to the little ones, while the young people will dance with Silent Night, the winter version of Silent Disco. Winter swim lovers can take part in the Winter Cimento on December 26th. For New Year’s Eve 2018 let’s dance in piazza: on Sunday, December 31 from 9 p.m. to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. A live Nativity will brighten the day of EPIPHANY. Chiavari offers many free concerts, for example on December 27th “Christmas in the world” with the Tigullio Wind Band and on January 1st “New Year in the world” with the Tigullio Jazz Band. Do not miss the CHRISTMAS TREE set up in the legendary Piazzetta di Portofino; this small village, now famous all over the world, splendid in every period of the year, for the holidays is cloaked with a special charm with lights that create a magical Christmas atmosphere.

In Portofino it is a consolidated custom to exchange greetings on Christmas Eve at midnight Mass and to toast in the square on December 31st, with music and dancing. Santa Margherita Ligure hosts for the duration of the Holidays the SANTA CLAUS VILLAGE, with a rich offer of typical handicrafts and gastronomic excellences, games for children, bingo at the ELFI house. In addition you can visit the nativity scenes set up in the town’s churches and attend prestigious events, such as the GOSPEL concert by the Metis Gospel Singers on December 27 and the CONCERT for NEW YEAR with the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra on January 1, 2018.