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We Love Liguria

At the end of last October Liguria was hit by a wave of extraordinary bad weather, a veritable Mediterranean cyclone that hit our region devastating the coast. We all remember the images of those huge waves, driven by winds that have touched in some places 180 km an hour.

Five months have passed, but no one has been standing still. Citizens and Public Administrations, each according to their own roles and possibilities, have taken action to deal with the storm damage. Important sums have been allocated by the National Civil Protection and by the Liguria Region for the most urgent interventions. Fortunately, Chiavari was not affected and the damage between Sestri Levante and Lavagna is modest compared to other places, while in Tigullio the most serious damage was recorded between Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino.

In Rapallo, the beached yachts and the sunked boats are almost removed, while special pollution barriers have been placed to prevent any fuel spills. The reconstruction of the road connecting Santa Margherita to Portofino has started and the connection should be restored before Easter Holidays. Major marketing initiatives will be undertaken to promote Liguria as a tourist destination. An official proposal candidates Monte di Portofino as a World Heritage List at the Unesco.

The recovery will take time, but it started off, to make our splendid coast ready again to welcome our old friends and the new tourists who want to visit us in 2019.

Many wishes Liguria! We love you!