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Wellbeing Package

Celebrate an important date …

Donate or give yourself a special moment …

Turn off the phone and keep all worries away for a few hours …

If you think the time has come for an escape, here is our Wellness Package, exclusively at Villa Paggi country house. Our friends Mauro, expert chef, and his wife Alessandra, Shiatsu therapist, offer you a very special evening.

Let’s start with a delicious aperitif served on the veranda: the quiet of the countryside, the look that sweeps over the hills and the sea, a discreet background music and the thought begins to roam freely.

The pampering continues in our Wellness Area: here Alessandra is dedicated to you with a Shiatsu treatment or an anti-stress massage. The Masunaga Shiatsu, is a touch-based treatment technique, which combines modern knowledge of Western Physiology with Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient Scythian philosophies. The anti-stress massage is performed by light touches and light pressure on the body. The effects obtained are the relaxation of the muscles, physical and mental relaxation, and the reduction of stress.

Recovered your mental energies, the time has come to recover the physical ones: you have deserved a special dinner prepared only for you. Mauro, assisted by Alessandra, introduces you to the secrets of his Ligurian cuisine: love for tradition and the land, twenty years of experience and a true passion for creating innovative dishes without losing sight of the ancient flavors. Has your mouth been watering?

For information and reservations, write to Alessandra Duiella